Truck Stop Tramp

Once in a blue moon, a very special kind of male connects with me, eager and hungry for a Superior Woman to make his fantasies a reality.

It is late afternoon and Mistress knows you must be watching the clock and trying to come up with a good reason to slip out of the office early, to start getting ready for our date. I do hope you remembered to check what the official time is for sunset today.

Come hell or high water, I know you will be on time tonight. Standing on the agreed upon corner, shivering in the chilly night air waiting for the lights of my pearl-white Escalade to come flashing down the street. Bathed in, and blinded by the high beams, you are a vision and living definition of the phrase of: Truck Stop Tramp.

Before allowing you a seat inside the warmth of the Caddy and presence of your Pimptress, I leave the big V-8 to idle while I scrutinize my newest wana-be whore. Head nodding to the beat of the stereo, I smile and think about the countless hours we’ve spent, honing your blowjob skills.

I don't know who enjoyed your cock sucking training the most, using ever increasingly sized dildos for weeks till you were able to gobble them to the root, was especially thrilling for me. But the moment you deep throated the biggest, and thickest one, without gagging, I was sure you could become my newest man-whore.

Dressed and standing as instructed, you look scared and a little shaky – but still very, very sexy. With your legs spread parallel to your shoulders and one hand on your hip, your shaking hands say one thing, but your wide smile, says another. Oh my, do you LOOK ready for the night ahead, however – looks can be deceiving.

Switching to parking lights, I wait for you to remember your cue and chuckle as you turn and walk slowly away, rotating your hips in a subtle bump and grind, stopping under the street lamp, and giving me a wink over your shoulder. Watching as you turn slowly and bend over, I can hardly contain my excitement, with you in the spotlight shaking your pretty ass at me.

I cut the lights and wait for you to open the door and slide your whore ass in the plush leather seat, for a closer inspection. Silky Mo-Town drifts out onto the street as you scurry to be out of the cold. You look flush, and I see the blood pumping hard in the veins in your neck. I do hope you don’t faint on me.


Anxious to pop your cherry and get out on the stroll, I can feel you tremble as I stroke your cheek, hand you a silver flask and nod for you to take a long pull of courage. Moving my hand slowly up and down your leg, softly encouraging you to breath slowly, I flip on the overhead light to check your lipstick and say softly.

Inventory bitch.

I watch silently as you rummage in your purse, to do a final check of the accoutrements that you’ll need for a night humping between the long rows of big rigs.

Say it out loud and clear my darling wana-be whore.

Condoms, lipstick, wipes, dollars, Mistress’ hankie, you said in a shaking voice. Very good, now lets get this show on the road.

Yes Ma’am you hear in a deep voice from behind you. Startled, you watch mutely as a tall black man dressed in a well-cut black suit slides gracefully out of the back seat and opens my door. He settles me into the rear and places an afghan over my lap as I lean over and whisper in your ear.

Here’s the test I told you about slut. Get your pie hole ready and show your Pimptress what practicing on my strap-on had done for your style. Clicking a button on my watch I say – Your Time Starts – NOW.

Scrambling down from the SUV, I watch you collect yourself, squaring your shoulders and rubbing your crotch, I know you will succeed. After all, Pimptress Vivian knows how to pick her tarts.

Hard, throbbing cocks, big ones, small ones, cut or uncircumcised, red and yellow black or white- one right after the other, using your hard-won cock sucking skills to pass your first test. Blow 4 horny truckers in under an hour, because that is the very minimum that every whore in Miss Viv’s care – should be able to deliver.


I wonder….

Could you pass the Truck Stop Tramp Time Trial? Could you climb up into the cab and take all cummers?

There’s only one way to know for sure.

Call 1- 800-730-7415 for your one-on-one session with Pimptress Vivian – Tramp Transformer




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