Welcome to the Suck Mistress. I am Mistress Vivian and I will make you do things you only dared to fantasize about. Tell me, how many naughty fantasies have you had about sucking another man’s cock? One? Two? Maybe more? Hell, you may even feel a little guilty about them. After all you are as straight as they can come right?

And yet, you have this desire burning within you. And that makes me smile. You see, I LOVE to make my naughty pets do things they secretly crave. And I will make you do them too. I know you like to pretend that you don’t really want to feel of another man’s cock in your mouth. I bet you don’t even fantasize about his cum dripping down your throat. HA! I know the truth.

You crave that cock and yet you are too much of a pussy to actually do something about it. Well I’m here to make you get on your knees and take a face full of cock. You might ask, what’s in it for me? Well I love watching my pets suck off hot guys.  I love grabbing their hair and forcing them on to that big, juicy cock. And watching them get sprayed in the face with hot cum is so sexy.

And it will be exactly the same with you. Don’t pretend that you found your way to my doorstep by accident. I know that you want this badly. I’m just here to make those wishes come true my love. Of course, not all wishes turn out exactly the way you dream them. After all, it’s no fun unless I get to force you a little, right?

My forced bi phone sex sessions will help you to unleash that fantasy. You will be aroused like never before and beg me to do it to you again. But I am not like those frivolous mistresses who tease but never follow through. Understand this; I won’t let you get away so easily. But I know that’s what you want. To be commanded by a sensual, sexy woman to perform acts of depravity.

Yes, I believe I can help you with that.

Mistress Vivian

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